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Sensational Review about Contemporary Fine Art Marketplace – Reports how you can become a Famous and Wealthy Fine Artist
The Real Life Video – Consultation of the VZ Art Gallery in London on the super hot topic of how to promote a Fine Art business online
Web Traffic Master Class Video – Exposes secrets of the online traffic generation
Traffic Know-How Video – Reveals free online traffic techniques
PLUS 19 Bonus Books!
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Before you find out in more detail how you can benefit, I’ll tell you few words about myself.

For ten years I was working in the Entertainment World and running a Fine Art business. Due to my non-disclosure agreements with a number of well-known brands, I have to use the penname, Vladimir London. My speciality is brand creation and promotion. My expertise includes online marketing.

At the present, I’m helping two major international entertainment corporations promote their Artists and Events. Recently I was working with several Art Galleries promoting exhibitions for a number of fine artists. My portfolio also includes brand design as well as promotions for many TV, Sport, Fashion, Music and Art brands and celebrities. I’m also the co-author of the bestselling book for fine artists, “FINEART: YOUR FAME & WEALTH. Who if not You?” available here.

Are You Totally Satisfied with Your Fine Art Career or Art Business?
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• Are you totally satisfied with your income from your art business?
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If the answer is “No”, then you definitely need to check out the Report and watch easy-to-follow videos to discover how You can promote your Fine Art in the contemporary world.

Here are some shocking truths that you may not be aware of at the moment:

You may think that creating a successful Fine Art Career requires a lot of time. Wrong! You will realize how to save time in every step you take on your path to creative success.

You may think that promoting your name as a fine artist or promoting your gallery business requires a lot of money. Wrong! You will discover techniques which will save you a great deal of money in your journey to success.

You may think that promoting a fine artist’s name or art gallery business is a job so big and difficult that only dedicated public relations companies can undertake such a massive project. Wrong! You will discover how to perform the task of promoting Your Art on a global scale, single-handedly, without employing marketing companies or public relations (PR) agencies.

You may think that creating a successful Fine Art Brand Name requires very specific underground knowledge. TRUE! And you are about to find out what you need to achieve your goals.

If you are looking for creative success don’t let another day pass without reading this Report and viewing the Videos.

For ten years I was creating marketing campaigns online, helping numerous well-known brands, art galleries, fine artists and celebrities to promote their brands and names. If you would like to benefit from the massive experience and knowledge accumulated over many years, don’t wait another minute,
secure YOUR SUCCESS Today!

Get your copy of the Fine Art Marketplace Review, London’s Art Gallery Video Consultation, and 19 valuable bonuses NOW!
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What You Will GET:



Sensational Review exposes the shocking truth about the Contemporary Fine Art Market and reveals the secrets of how you can become a famous and wealthy fine artists

(Value $17)

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Vladimir London consults the VZ Fine Art Gallery in London on how to build and promote their Fine Art business online
(2h 30min).

This video will explore many hot topics, including:
  • Fine Art business models;
  • Brand making and development;
  • Technical aspects of presenting Fine Art online and the most suitable solutions;
  • Underground techniques to staying ahead of the competition;
  • Optimising your fine art business so so it can be found by millions of users;
  • Marketing your fine art on the web;
  • Analysing the paths to success;
  • Outsourcing in the right way.

(Value $457)

art and design academy video 2


Online Traffic Generation Tactics Exposed (2h 8min).

(Value $297)

art and design academy video 3


Free Online Traffic Techniques (37min).

(Value $197)

PLUS Seven Fine Art Bonus Books:


Bonus 1


by John C. Van Dyke

(Value $27) – FREE!


Bonus 2


by John Ruskin

(Value $27) – FREE!


Bonus 3


by Estelle M. Hurl

(Value $27) – FREE!


Bonus 4


by Estelle M. Hurl

(Value $27) – FREE!


Bonus 5


by Laurence Binyon

(Value $27) – FREE!


Bonus 6


by Evelyn March Phillipps

(Value $27) – FREE!


Bonus 7

WOMEN IN THE FINE ARTS from the seventh century B.C to the twentieth century A.D.

by Clara Erskine Clement

(Value $27) – FREE!

And 12 Online Marketing for Fine Artists Bonus Books:

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